STF Radio International
1-hour Million-Watt Special

April 20, 2014 0400-0500 UTC

—Frequency List—

5050 (The Americas) Saturday Night
5110 (WBCQ)
7490 (WBCQ)
7570 (N. America) “
7730 (Mex/C. America) “
9925 (N. America) “
9955 (Caribbean) “
6025 (EU) Sunday Morning
17630* DRM (EU, alternate program) “
17760 (Asia) Sunday Afternoon
21490 (Pacific Aus/NZ) “

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UPDATE: Roger has investigated the remaining modes and reports a 100% copy on the Superstupidensity data format. Thanks for sharing your work, Roger!

We received this very thorough reception report on Test #2 from Roger in Germany showing his decoded results, and a nicely-labeled waterfall screencap. Roger was one of the few listeners able to identify the PSK-125R stream., however there are a couple others he hasn’t had time to identify….good luck with the rest! :)



The Superstupidensity Data Format is quite new, and may prove challenging to figure out in poor reception conditions. Interested parties are encouraged to practice identifying and decoding the modes using this recording of Test #2 as heard at STF Radio HQ last weekend.



Test #2 aired last weekend, and we’ve received quite a number of reports. Only the MFSK64 text was identified with RxID, while the MFSK32 image required manual tuning.

Quite a number of listeners were able to successfully decode the 2nd MFSK32 image sent in greyscale:

The greyscale image sent in the final 10 seconds was sent alongside an additional 6(!) message streams as part of the Superb Stupendous Density Data format test. Quite a few listeners took on the challenge of decoding more of the modes….but so far only 1 has found them all!